GITN Scholarship.

Gold in the Net is proud to be the founding sponsor of the Aaron C. Cornwell Memorial Scholarship Fund. The scholarship annually awards Gold in the Net students and staff with bursaries in recognition of the dedication and commitment in the pursuit of hockey and academic achievement. In the first 12 years of the scholarship’s existence, Gold in the Net has awarded more than 62 bursaries and $74,000 to students and staff.

The fund was created in the memory of Aaron C. Cornwell, and focus on bring his two passions together in an annual event that will help others in their pursuit of excellence through their hockey and academic skills.

Gold in the Net welcomes all of its students and staff, both past and present, that are furthering their post secondary education to apply. To qualify, they must have participated for a minimum of three years as a student or staff member with Gold in the Net. All applications must be submitted by March 1.